Tri-Hunter 6000 Trimix/Nitrox Mixing Stick


The Tri-Hunter 6000 is a continuous blending Trimix and Nitrox mixing stick in a league all of its own. It eliminates expensive and inefficient partial pressure gas blending.

Due to a proprietary electronics/software package known as the Accublend, it is the only mixing stick that does not require you to drain the existing mix from your tanks. Instead you can top off an existing mix and save expensive gas.

Additionally, this device works with your compressor, making a Haskel unnecessary.

How Does It Work?

How it Works The TriHunter 6000 uses some easily understood (yet subtlely ingenious) technologies to provide amazingly accuratge gas mixtures with very minimal effort. Take a look at our flow chart and read the description of the entire process.

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